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Dear Dr. Ellie:

My back right lower molar has a small lateral cavity as seen on x-ray where there is a small amount of seepage within the tooth on the one side that has caused the tooth some blackish “shading”. I was reluctant to have the drilling since multiple teeth showed lateral perforations though no through and through cavities, and I have had a tremendous amount of visible calculus. I have been having a ton of dry mouth lately, which I am trying to address by stopping an intestinal candida detox program that seemed to be really sapping my immune system, and causing a lot of dry mouth, and probably making me worse off. My research shows that dental tubules and pulp contain Ig-G related immune defenses, so I think by looking at me holisticallly would be more beneficial than getting a tooth drilled.

Since the dental appt, I’ve used tarter control rinse, but the tarter came back within a few weeks, and I had to chisle (albeit succesffuly-I hope) with my fingernail clipper!

Do you have any insight? I started chewing xylitol gum, but it seems like the tarter still comes on. Have you seen tooth that is mildly shaded like mine get completely better and white again? Do you have any suggestions? Is there a point where the tooth repair is the best option? When is that?


Hi D,

Yes, teeth can remineralize ( repair themselves).

Every time you eat xylitol it helps your teeth remineralize just make sure you are using 100 percent xylitol products. Make sure you do not eat anything that contains SORBITOL ( a “sugar-less” artificial sweetener that can make plaque thicken).

My advice would be to stay away from any product that claims to be for “plaque” or “tartar” control. Most of these rinses and toothpastes are too abrasive ( making teeth rough so that more plaque deposits) or corrosive and acidic ( which will give you cavities).

We need to work on smoothing out your teeth and stopping plaque forming.
The first six months will be the hardest.

YOU must eat at least a teaspoon of xylitol each day ( 6.5 grams or more) in any form.

You can use granular xylitol from a health food store ( cheapest way) and just eat a few granules after meals, snacks or drinks. This tastes just like granular sugar.
You can use gum or mints if you prefer but make sure they are 100 percent xylitol and no artificial sweeteners added.

OK… five weeks things will be better but if you continue for 6 months you will stop plaque forming…..then you will be happy!

As for the plaque removal something about you or the products you use is very acidic.
The xylitol will alkalize your mouth nicely so just be aware: eat some whenever your mouth is dry or if you have lemony or acidic drinks.

I would also suggest making a rinse with a little xylitol in water to rinse over your teeth before you sleep at night ( or in the daytime if you take a nap). The most dangerous time for teeth is when we sleep cover your teeth with xylitol before you doze off!

I hope this can get you started on the road to recovery.

Yes, you will freeze dental problems as soon as you start this and the early cavities will reverse slowly: it does take about a year for complete recovery.

Good luck and please let me know any other questions I can answer.

Ellie Phillips DDS

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