Zellies vs. Granular Xylitol

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

I have been trying your Zellies and have a hard time remmebering to have one after a meal. I I am using the granulated Xylitol and use 2-3 teaspoons a day would it still have the same effect as the Zellies? Thanks so much for your help.

Barbara in Kansas.

Dear Barbara,

Please, I really want you to relax and enjoy this whole experience!!

First of all, if you forget a day or two it will be OK. The research shows that when people go a month or two without Xylitol the effect still continued.

The more you continue the better things get but you won’t be punished if you forget now and then!

Also, yes you can use the xylitol as granular form, baked into things, added to drinks etc.
It apparently does not matter how you eat it. You can even dissolve some of the Xylitol sugar and swish it around your teeth.

Xylitol works because the harmful bacteria absorb it and then try to process it. They cannot process it but they keep trying until they wear themselves out!

This is very good news for your teeth!

Once you have eliminated most of these harmful bacteria, new ones take their place and they are unable to stick to your teeth.

This is even better news for teeth!

I hope this helps.
If you need granular sugar a Natural Food Store like Lori’s would sell it or you can order it from www.Zellies.com.

Have a nice weekend,

Ellie Phillips DDS

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