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Dear Dr. Ellie,

Just to let you know: everything arrived now and I am just thrilled with the whole new ‘program‘ I’m embracing; there’s nothing like something new, delicious, FUN to make you want to pay special attention to your teeth. you’ve gotten our family into good, renewed habits. THANK YOU. the little special touches (like polka dots) are SO APPRECIATED. i’ll be ordering more things soon but just wanted you to know the ‘back order’ arrived safely.


Hi E,

I think a letter like yours is probably the best one could ever receive! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm.

I have had a long 35 years trying to bring this knowledge to people and suddenly it seems to be “happening”!

I am thrilled and you will see the ever-improving benefits as you keep on the program.

Have a great weekend and thanks for the kindness of your update.

Dr. Ellie Phillips

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