Is ACT Mouthwash Safe?

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

I know ACT mouthrinse contains flouride, but would LOVE to know the actual pH of the rinse (I read the label and it contains EDTA which is a form of acid!), it seems that I can’t find it anywhere. After finding out the pH of listerine, i’m very interested in making sure that ACT doesn’t have the same harmful effects on tooth enamel. 

Thanks for your time,


Hi Gerald,

I can assure you that the final effect of rinsing with ACT following the Listerine is a perfect combination to add luster, shine and strength to teeth.

I have been using this combination for about 20 years and my patients, family and friends also……testimonials to be posted on the website as soon as we organize them ALL!!

You are correct that the initial pH after rinsing is nowhere near the pH after eating xylitol, but that does not seem to matter ( because of the scientific process that is generated by this I mean the remineralizing effect of topical fluoride on tooth enamel).

If you are concerned about the final pH I would simply tell you to eat a Zellie mint afterwards!
Hope this helps best to just try it you will feel and SEE the difference!!

Dr. Ellie Phillips

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