Fluoride Varnish and Xylitol

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

Our rural healthcare pediatric office has recently begun a fluoride varnish program and we recommend Xylitol products to replace the usual gums and candy to help prevent caries in teeth.

We would love to be able to offer them some options and references, however we are unfamiliar with most of the gums and candies that have Xylitol in them, and there are few avaialble in our rural area.

Our Pediatric office has been recently indoctrinated into the practice of fluoride varnishing with our high risk patients and hopefully, the end result will be seeing less patients at the age of 3-5 with multiple caries and no dental provider. I’ve read that Xylitol is something akin to other non-sugar sweeteners, and would like to know if it is available as a sugar substitute in basic granular form.

Would you please tell us a little about your product, granular Xylitol and any references, and materials that you may have.


Hi S,

The fluoride varnish can be very useful and works synergistically with Xylitol. I have always been a fan of this varnish it has been used in Europe for over 30 years.

Granular Xylitol is great and can be used in various ways to help improve dental health. It can be used as a sweetener in baking and there are plenty of recipes that use Xylitol in this form which are diabetic friendly!

I developed the Zellies because of my frustration in not finding great tasting and 100% Xylitol products. Too many times the Xylitol is mixed with other and sometimes unhealthy sweeteners and other “fillers.” Zellies are all Xylitol and natural sweeteners. And they are the best tasting Xylitol mint too!

I have been a passionate preventive dentist for over 35 years and you can find reference material on my sites: www.cleanwhiteteeth.com and www.zellies.com.

Xylitol can help patients get completely better no cavities no gum disease this makes for a happy office!

I would be happy to talk with you more about this and the various ways to use Xylitol for children who are at high risk. Feel free to contact me and we can set something up.

Take care and thanks for your interest in zellies and in xylitol.

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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