Stained Teeth

Dear Dr. Ellie,

A freind of mine recommends your product. But before I start I would like to know if it works for tetracycline stained teeth.

Thank you

Hi A,

Tetracycline stained teeth are a problem.

Probably the best way to lighten them is with the latest laser treatments, usually offered by a cosmetic dentist.

This kind of treatment is around a thousand dollars but only takes a half an hour.

I would never recommend the over-the-counter beaching products to you, because they will neither work, nor be healthy for your enamel.

The most important thing you CAN do is get rid of any staining on your teeth. You need to do this in a safe and gentle way for your already compromised enamel. You need to protect your teeth and work to BUILD their strength. Strong healthy teeth look brighter and therefore whiter.

I would recommend my Clean White Teeth (CWT) tooth care system. You can purchase all the products in drug stores locally or online. The important part of this system is the order in which you use the products.

The CWT system set up a kind of “chemistry” that whitens, strengthens and builds healthy tooth enamel for you. You cannot use a mix and match with other products, or you will inactivate the system. Nor should you read the “instructions” on the bottles or you will have conflicting methods of use.

For example I suggest a “finishing” rinse be used BEFORE you brush your teeth!

I can send you out a small sample set since you have a special situation. You will get the idea of how this works and see if it is doing anything to help you. I honestly do not know if it will whiten your teeth but it is a pretty amazing system. All I would ask is that you keep in touch with me and tell me if it is working on your teeth.

If it does, please let me know so that I can share the results with other people in a similar situation.

Let me know if you would be interested in trying the CWT System. I would be delighted to help you.

Ellie Phillips DDS.

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