How do Cavities Form?

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

Can you tell me what causes cavities? I know it it the tooth decaying, but why does this happen?

A R.

Dear A,

It can take months or years for a cavity to form in a tooth. And in order to get a cavity, the tooth must have plaque and dietary sugars to feed mouth bacteria. Over time this bacteria demineralizes the tooth at a particular spot where the plaque has collected. The longer this happens, the bigger the cavity.

But just as your teeth can demineralize, (become weak and form holes), your teeth can also re-mineralize. Natural minerals, found in things that your natually consume, (or Xylitol in its many forms), can aid in this process of remineralization, as long as the mouth is in a hospitable non-acidiccondition for remineralization.

This is why Zellies and the CWT system works! If your mouth is kept clean and non-acidic (as soon after eating as possible) and you get the minerals you need to remineralize, you won’t get more cavities, and you will be able to heal the small, or forming ones you have.

Take Care, and keep the great questions coming.

Dr. Ellie Phillips.

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