Breast Feeding and Tooth Decay

Aloha Dr. Ellie! 

I’ve just purchased several of your Zellies and Xylitol products, which I hope will help reverse the brown spots on my 1-yr old daughter’s top teeth. My daughter usually falls asleep while nursing. Has this caused her tooth decay? Will the Xylitol reverse this? My other daughter had incomplete enamel formation and had to go thru several painful dental sessions. I want to do everything possible to avoid this with my 2nd daughter.

Here are some of the questions I had:

– Can I give the baby too much xylitol? How much is the right amount per day for my 1 yr old and my 5 yr old?

– Is it okay to give the baby a sippy cup with water/xylitol in it so it bathes her teeth during the day?

– Right now I’m dipping my finger in hydrogen peroxide, wiping her teeth, then dipping my finger in the Act fluoride rinse and wiping her teeth. I do this 2-3 times per day. She hasn’t learned how to spit yet.

She also takes liquid vitamins with fluoride (we don’t have fluoridated water here). Is this routine okay? How should it change once I receive my xylitol products (in addition to what you’re sending, I bought gum, candy, and the bag of granules)?

– Do I need to stop breastfeeding right away, especially at night, to save her teeth? We’ve pretty much stopped sharing food and drinks already.

– Are Group B strep and strep mutans associated? I tested positive for GBS during both pregnancies. With my first pregnancy, I had a high fever so when my older daughter’s teeth came in they were already brown, and I was told this was incomplete enamel formation. My 1 yr old had 3 teeth at 3 months, and then 4 at 4 months. She now has 8 teeth and 4-15 month molars are popping through. The front teeth seemed fine until a few weeks ago. That said, I’m trying to figure out how both girls ended up with such terrible teeth. Is there something they can take to kill the strep mutans?

I live in Hawaii, and I find we don’t have a lot of good information on dental health. I’m not sure why that is, but I know I’ve never heard about or been told about xylitol until a Google search for remineralizing baby teeth brought me to your website (thank goodness). I’ve never had to worry about cavities so this is all new to me. I’m 38 years old and have no cavities.

Looking forward to talking with you!

M, Jenny in Hawaii

Hi J,

You do not need fluoride inside your body it is not a vitamin I worry about children having too much fluoride.

I will explain when we talk on the phone HOW fluoride works enough to wipe a little on the baby’s teeth.

Don’t be afraid of breast feeding and don’t worr Xylitol is the complete answer to the strep mutans issue.

It is amazing how quickly you will see results.

This is NEW DENTISTRY a way of protecting teeth despite the problems you may have.

Native Americans used to believe that the birch tree was a gift from the gods I think they understood the power of birch sugar ( xylitol) .

Native Americans wrapped their medicines and herbs inside the bark of birch trees they knew it would protect their precious treasures. It will protect your children’s teeth.The good news is that xylitol works no matter WHEN you apply it. You can wipe your baby’s teeth during the day.

Xylitol will CHANGE the bacteria in her mouth to become healthy and protective.
Healthy bacteria do not cause cavities and they do not form sticky plaque.

It is not important WHEN you eat xylitol it is how often and how much that is important.
Try to brush your baby’s teeth with a little solution of xylitol in water from time to time.
(1/2 a teaspoon in an ounce or two of water.)

When you need help the spiffies baby wipes are a quick way to do the same thing.

You can also bake xylitol into cakes, puddings, custards etc.

Even full grown adults only need to have around ONE TEASPOON of xylitol a day for it to protect teeth!

For a baby just a very little bit is going to work wonders!

I will send you some granular xylitol, a baby toothbrush and some spiffies to try.

Keep in touch and let me know if you need me to visit you out there in beautiful Hawaii ( it is 10 degrees and snowing here!)

Good luck and enjoy your sunshine,

I look forward to talking soon,
Ellie Phillips.

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