Dear Dr. Ellie, 

Is ultra-sonic scaling superior/gentlier than manual scaling? and does either one have harmful effects on enamel? Will Zellies help this supposed “damage”? 



Hi J,

I never enjoyed any dental treatment and scaling was as bad as any other it hurt!
As a dentist, I worry that cleanings can damage the delicate enamel, remove the hardest part of the tooth ( the outer layer) and cause sensitivity.

I think ultra-sonic cleaning is probably the best.

I would eat Zellies and use ACT ( a dilute fluoride rinse) as much as possible before and after the appointment.

If you have plaque and it calcifies this can be bad for your gums so scalings would be important.

If you do not have any plaque it will not calcify and you will not need scalings.

So, the good news is after eating Zellies for six months you will have eliminated the bacteria that forms “plaque”.

No bacteria = no plaque.
No plaque = no cleanings!
(The last cleaning I had was over ten years ago!)

I would recommend starting to eat a small handful of Zellies each day as a routine.
Have your scaling now but continue to eat Zellies.

When you return for the next cleaning ( in six months) you should have less to clean away and a year from now you may find that you have no plaque.

If you want faster results there is a wonderful mouth rinse routine to speed the healing process.
At the very least I would recommend using a mouth rinse called Closys before you brush your teeth it helps to loosen the plaque deposits.

There are other rinses to help prevent gingivitis and a fluoride rinse to heal roughened areas on your teeth.

The details are available on

If you have any questions or do not understand the three-rinse system please feel free to arrange a telephone call with me( no charge).

Or you can e-mail me any questions.

Thanks for your interest and good luck with your new dental program!

Ellie Phillips DDS.
Dental Health for Everyone!
26,Corporate Woods,
Rochester NY 14623.

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