Dentists and the Drill

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I did go through the article you sent and it sounds like a good explaination of what dentists are suppose to do and NOT do. This is all new to me and maybe thousands of innocent lives who thinks that teeth grow once in a life time and that’s it and there is no regeneration because its a dead protein. But if you think of it your nails and hairs grow so why not teeth. There has to be some process which can trigger teeth regrowth or repair mechanism of damage portions. 

I see my dentist as a very simple man, and he is a bit drill-happy. When last time I asked him how can I prevent tooth decay because I am at his door step every 3-6 months with problems, he told no matter what you do you cannot prevent it. If it starts then it ends with tooth extraction and if you don’t repair it on time, then root-canal or extraction is only way to go. He is not much of a talker and refuses to give any advice on dental care. All he told me was to use an electric toothbrush and Colgate Toothpaste twice a day. Now I have this cavity and a blackened tooth happening to form a cavity, which he is quite aware of and has ask me to take appointment for repair ASAP. But since I discovered Xylitol and promising news from your end I am holding on and wish to surprise him with remineralized teeth.

I have been using your product from last 1 week say I received your pack > on 13th Feb. Start first dosage on 17 or 18th Feb. Today 26th feb and i do feel that my blacked tooth is showing signs of regaining it color. The tooth with cavity is still the same. I have one blacken tooth and one > second premolar with small hole say about size of a small needle head. So I am keeping an eye on both my teeth everyday to see any changes taking place since I go on the program.

My question is how long before I see any results ?

Sorry about this long emails but I am trying best to explain my situation. I am like any other suffering patient who will go to any lengths to preserve his heath. And I find you very helpful. 

Kind Regards,


Hi S,

Xylitol is not a miracle cure but it does work really well. It just takes a little time. If you can eat about 13- 15 Zellies each day you will see results in about a month.Your teeth will start to feel better.In five weeks the bad germs that cause your cavities will be gone.These bad germs that cause cavities eat the xylitol (Zellies) thinking it is sugar. They try to use it for energy but they cannot. They keep trying to find a way to use xylitol and they burn themselves out trying they never have any success. The bad germs wear themselves out trying to use the xylitol then they are gone.(In chemistry this is called the “futile cycle”).With the bad germs gone, new healthy germs will take over on your teeth and start to protect them- maybe for the first time in your life!If you use Xylitol several times a day AND use a fluoride rinse before going to bed each night the results will be quicker. In six months you will see even more improvement – that pin hole cavity in your second premolar should have healed over( and will stay healed for the rest of your life!).If you continue to eat some Xylitol each day you will never develop any more cavities because the germs that cause them will have been eradicated GONE!!

Your mouth will be healthy, and your teeth WILL BE STRONGER.

The black tooth may be a problem this may be a sign that the tooth has already died.Xylitol canot bring it back to life we will have to wait and see. If you have any pain from old teeth with holes in them you need to see your dentist.If your teeth do not hurt this system will only make them better never worse. For my patients with bad teeth I always started by getting rid of the bad germs BEFORE doing fillings. Good luck and let me know if you have more questions.

Your package with mouth rinses should reach you soon.

Dr. Ellie Phillips

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