Getting the Message Out

Dear Dr Ellie, 

I Just wanted to thank you for informing me about your program last Saturday and giving me a Clean White Teeth kit to try out. I have used it just twice, using the Zellies throughout the day and I am amazed at how clean my mouth feels! I am going to order the complete care kit for my sister as along with dental problems she also suffers from dry mouth from radiation. I shared the information with her and she immediately wanted one. Thank you again for the information and your generosity.

D B.

Hi D,

Thank you for your nice e-mail.

I have spend many years frustrated by the lack of science and the control of the oral care companies in dentistry.

Dentists are mostly good people but they are quickly brainwashed by Procter and Gamble!

I did not know how to reach people with this message. It always seemed out of place to talk teeth in the restaurant. A year ago I broke my silence and decided to go for it!

It is amazing how many people have found this system helps.
I think testimonials are very important for something like this so keep in touch.

I hope to have my book finished later this year and hopefully that will be something that helps me get media coverage.

Again, I appreciate your support.

Please remember that if anyone would like to talk to me in person I am happy to arrange a phone call.

Take care and I look forward to another progress report in a week or two!

Dr. Ellie Phillips

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