Bad Teeth?

Hi Dr. Ellie,

Can you help me here? I am 40 years old male, with a very bad history of Teeth. Out of my 30 teeth ( 2 wisdom tooth extracted lower jaw), I have fillings on 18 of them. No matter how much care I take I get new cavities every year, or 6 months. I brush twice a day, use mouthwash the works.

I have no medical condition as such. My dentist does not have any advice on what may be causing those cavities but he is happy to fill them (charging me $$$). I surf the net and found few remedies and methods to prevent cavities like brushing with soap and putting tooth paste on cavities over night, Cipacol gargles etc. But nothing works. 

I ran into your website Zellies and contacted you. I read on your website that the cavities can be reversed. I know that the human tooth is a living tissue but reverse the damage ???. My dentist was laughing at that option. 

Currently I have a new cavity on lower jaw second premolar, I noticed few week back. I was wondering if I could try that method of reversing that decay process and see result first hand. Please help me!


Y. S

Dear Mr. S,

I would be happy to help you. Remineralization does heal cavities I promise you it is true. You need to eat about 10-15 Zellies mints every day – spaced out through the day. Every time you eat a Zellie mint you will be adding strength INTO the weak part of your tooth.

You need to look for some reason for ACIDITY in your mouth. It may be acid reflux, acidic drinks ( soda, juice, sports drinkseven diet ones are acidic and weaken teeth.) Some mouth rinses are acidic ( Listerine is an acidic mouth rinse widely used in the USA). Can you find the acidity that is causing your cavities? It is important to find the CAUSE for your mouth acidity.(One girl I know was sucking lemons all day, but couldn’t figure out why her teeth were rotting!)You just need to know when you have acidity then you can take a Zellie mint and REVERSE the damage.

Second problem is that you may have a DRY MOUTH for some reason. Do you breath through your mouth? ( Or do you have a blocked nose with allergies or sinus problems?)Do you sleep with your mouth open and find it very dry in the morning? It does not sound as if you take medications medications can dry out the mouth (especially ones for allergies).You just need to know when you have DRY MOUTH just take a Zellies mint and you will REVERSE the damage.

The Best cure for cavities is to use a special mouth rinse program but you can begin by finding a product called ACT in a pharmacy. It is a mouth rinse that contains 0.05 percent SODIUM FLUORIDE. Use it last thing before sleeping and again a couple of times during the day.Do not use stronger fluoride than 0.05% it doesn’t work.This 0.05 % Sodium Fluoride works in harmony with Zellies to heal your teeth more quickly. They will work well together. If you want to try my program I can ship it to you -I think you should start as soon as possible with Zellies and the fluoride rinse. You should be able to find the ACT fluoride rinse – it is made by Johnson and Johnson. (Green or Red colors are best don’t buy ACTx2 it is a new version and doesn’t work well). The best toothpaste is old fashioned Crest. Avoid plaque and tartar control and avoid all whitening products they weaken your teeth.

Hang in there we will make your teeth better! I have 35 years of healing teeth we can heal yours too.

Dr. Ellie Phillips

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