Deep Gum Cleaning

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

I met you at Lori’s (Natural Foods) a few months back. I am enjoying the Zellies Xylitol Mints you created. My son in New York City was told he needed a procedure called Deep Gum Cleaning done. Have you heard of this? If you have, I would appreciate your opinion on this subject. 

Thank you,

S S. R, NY

Hi S,

The procedure of deep gum cleaning is the cleaning of “pockets” around teeth.
Pockets are loose gum tissue that develops because bacteria get below the gums and breed there.

Bacteria in pockets are difficult to brush or floss away.
When they stay under the gums long enough they start to harden into plate-like deposits.

These hardened deposits are virtually impossible to clean off by yourself.
If you leave them under the gum they are rough and make it more likely that additional bacteria will stick in these areas ….more gum infection ….more deposits etc.

Having this deep cleaning is important for the recovery of the gums back to health
BUT ….
the really important thing is to stop more pockets from forming or it will all happen again ( only worse the next time!)!

I suggest a system using a combination of mouth rinses to clean away these pockets and help the gums recover.
I have details on my website
I call the system the CWT system.

The first rinse to use (as soon as possible) is Closys II.
This is an antiseptic rinse that works on the bacteria below the gum.
I sell it on my website the only other place to buy it is Walgreen’s.

Do not add any flavoring to the rinse ( it tastes like water no taste at all) because you can inactivate it.
Rinse with Closys BEFORE brushing teeth.

I suggest Crest old fashioned toothpaste it is abrasive enough but not too much…..just right.
I suggest a very CLEAN tooth brush they pick up bacteria easily and get infected.
Zellies mints will also help.

I would be happy to have a telephone conversation with your son if he would like to call me or have me call him.
Just let me know a good time.
I am delighted to help!

Dr. Ellie Phillips
Preventative Dentist and Creator of Zellies Xylitol Mints

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