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Dr. Dr. Ellie,

What is the difference between Listerine and Closys. The Listerine burns my mouth. I am wondering if I could use the Closys in place of the Listerine with the same results.

Thanks for your time,

Hi MM,

The Closys is great as a pre rinse because it does several things.
It is really good at preparing teeth for brushing, so go ahead and use it first before you brush.

Try diluting the Listerine even a teaspoon in a tumbler of water (even a quick rinse)! It helps to know that the active ingredients of Listerine are essential oils it is the oldest antiseptic.
It works on different bacteria from Closys.

Whether or not you manage to use Listerine is up to you. But ALWAYS finish up with the ACT or a xylitol rinse.

Closys helps REVERSE any gum disease Listerine PREVENTS it!
Used together you have an insurance policy against gum disease!

If you have more questions and would like to chat let me know and we can arrange a time.

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  • Dear Dr. Ellie,Yes, Listerine attacks both gram negative and gram positive anearobic bacteria, while CloSYS kills mostly gram negative bacteria. CloSYS tends not to upset the oral ecology, and the absence of alcohol in CloSYS means it does not sting the patient’s mouth, nor does it promote the drying of oral tissues, which in turn fosters production of volatile sulfur compounds. VSCs are enablers of infection, of course. You may wish to consider full-strength CloSYS oral rinse rather than Listerine, as it will not promote VSC production, will not harm gram positive bacteria which are beneficial to the oral ecology, and will not sting the mouth, rather than using a diluted product delivering diminished active ingredients.Jim Ratcliff

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Thank you also for supplying such informative information about Closys. I love Closys and feel that I am the best supporter of Closys in the world!The secret to the special system I promote is that it has been built around a grouping of very specific products. These products are specific because they were chosen as a group that work together. The combining of these suggested products appears to have an overall effect on mouth health – not just a specific effect on the health of an area of the mouth or teeth. I believe these specific products, used in the way I suggest, interact positively with one another – and the interactions (for many reasons) benefit all aspects of mouth health. The rinses that I recommend appear to enhance each other, negate any bad features of a product ( for example: the ACT removes the drying alcohol of Listerine) and together they have shown dramatic effects time and time again for year after year. I have recommended these products ( as a system) to people plagued with dental diseases of all kinds: gum disease, cavities and weak teeth or stained and fragile teeth. These patients become life long users like myself, my family and my friends. I love this system and that is why I share it on the internet – without charge and without being involved in any of the companies that produce these rinses.I give this information because I care about dental and oral health. Finding this grouping of rinses was a labor of love.The selection did not occur BECAUSE of the properties of the rinses as sold by manufacturers. I did not listen to sales people or company reps. I spent decades as a clinical dentist – interviewing patients and finding out what products they were using for their oral care. I bothered to spend time finding out that some products appeared to enhance mouth health while others seemed to undermine it.I even find that when people supplement ( for example, sensodyne toothpaste in place of Crest) into the mix – the results are not good. I worked from clinical evaluations. Sometimes I added xylitol to the diet of patients – and viewed remarkable results. Other times I added a final rinse with ACT to those using Listerine. Suddenly these patients noticed an incredible improvement in the health of their teeth. Adding Closys to the system occurred after many years of suggesting the other rinses. I added Closys to my system because I was looking for a way to remove acidity from the mouth of people ( like me) who drink acidic drinks just before brushing their teeth ( coffee in the morning and wine at night!). The acidity was softening my enamel and abrasion was occurring on the softened enamel. Using Closys balanced the pH, but I found it helped remove staining, helped remove bad breath and improved periodontal conditions and helped heal pocketing all at the same time! This has never been a competition between products. This is about using a system that works. Please try it! You may be converted to my opinion in less than two weeks!Make sure to follow my directions – not the directions on the packaging.Make sure to use only the ingredients in the system exactly ( no substitutions of other kinds of toothpaste).You will need to add some xylitol – either Zellies products or some other xylitol that is 100 percent xylitol.Try the system and I think you will be amazed! Thanks again for your comment,Ellie Phillips DDS

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