Some dentists still don’t believe their own eyes!

Dear Dr. Ellie,

How are you? I just recently ordered more Zellies from your website! I went to the dentist over break and he said the cavities were better, and my teeth seemed harder than they were at my last visit. I still had my cavities filled (my parent’s decision), but my mom said next time I could use a dentist who is more receptive the methods I am trying. Our current dentist did not really listen to what I said about xylitol. I was thinking of sending him one of your information packets haha. Thank you for all your help and for your concern. I have seen a definite change in my teeth, even if my dentist didn’t listen to me. My gums don’t bleed anymore and my teeth have gotten whiter. I use the rinse /(Closys II) you gave me before brushing and I think that has also made a difference. I hope your holidays and new year went well and you’re enjoying all the snow.

-S (A College Student)

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