Xylitol Sugar Protects Teeth

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

I see that you have the Zellies products, but I am on a fixed income and can’t always afford these. I was wondering if I could use just plain Xylitol and get the same benefits when I am watching my budget. Does granular Xylitol have the same advantages as your Zellies?


J S. A, NC

Hi J,

Yes, it is possible to protect your teeth with plain granular Xylitol., which you can purchase from a health food store or from my website and which will be a less expensive way to protect your teeth. You can just put a half a teaspoon of the granular Xylitol on your tongue after each meal or whenever your mouth feels “dry” or “acidic.” You can also dissolve a little in water and swish it around your teeth for the same effect. Zellies are very simply the Xylitol sugar mixed with natural flavors and made into a little breath mint. They are delicious and easy to carry around which makes them convenient but for dental health, the effect of eating pure granular Xylitol will be the same and will save you some money. Just some ideas for you.

Wishing you dental health!

Dr. Ellie

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