Whitening Teeth without Bleaching

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

Will use of the CWT system make my teeth whiter or do I already have to have white teeth and use the system to maintain them? My teeth are a bit yellow and I want to make them white but I have heard that bleaching is harmful to teeth.

Please advise. 

Thank You.


Hi A,

Here is the best way to think about your teeth: If an egg is soaked in something acidic ( like vinegar) the shell softens to leave only the membrane ….If this acid-softened egg in put to soak in some brown tea it will turn completely brown: the soft shell is porous and will soak up the stain. In real life stains happen to soft teeth they stain easily.

Grocery store whitening products are clever since they whiten your teeth, but also make them porous -so that your teeth will stain up again and more easily now! In this way you will need more whitening products, which will make your teeth more porous and at the same time more sensitive ….etc….etc. If you had put the egg into some Act fluoride before soaking it in the acid the shell would have remained hard the fluoride literally put a protective coat on the outside of the egg. The same can happen to a tooth. Regular use of the CWT program will strengthen your teeth to resist staining.When the “fluoride” egg is put in the tea it will only turn just slightly tan rather than absorbing the stain.

I would suggest using the CWT system for about three months until early spring in Rochester!
If you are not happy with the whiteness of your teeth then consider having the most expensive dental whitening available at a dentist office and then continue with the CWT system.
My research has seemed to show that the laser whitening is the least harmful to enamel and to teeth in general.

I could not recommend any over the counter whitening treatments.

Listerine with whitening contains a co-carcinogen: this means that if you may have a tendency to mouth cancer it will worsen your chances…not good ….and not to be recommended here. Look on the bottle and you will see that the Whitening Listerine does not have an ADA seal of approval like the usual Listerine.

Call me if you need more help.
Ellie Phillips DDS

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