Cleaning your Toothbrush

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

Your recommendation is to brush with a clean toothbrush. How does one clean his/her toothbrush, other than just to rinse it thoroughly? Surely you don’t mean to use a new one each time. 

– D, Rochester

Dear D,

Really bad bacteria can grow on brushes.

If the brush is in the bathroom area many unsavory bacteria will grow on the moist bristles.
If someone in the family has gum disease this is another concern.

Listerine is a great antiseptic and will kill most of the bacteria almost instantly. The other option is bleach – but the taste may linger on the brush. Just dip the brush head in either of these liquids and then rinse off under tap water.

A third recommendation is to use a UV toothbrush sanitizer.

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