Xylitol Information for Dental Professionals

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

Is there some information that I can get to my dentist regarding the benefits of Xylitol and your CWT system? My wife and I are complete supporters, but are finding that our dentist is hesitant to look into this on his own.

C W., Ohio

Dear C,

Unfortunatly, many dentisits in the United States are more focused on treatment rather than prevention. I have set up two online resources for health professionals: www.cleanwhiteteeth.com and on the Zellies site there is a special section for dentists. I hope that this information is helpful. Also, please know that I am always eager to tell dentists about my personal mission statement and give them all the information they need to become better resources for their patients.

Dr. Ellie

Personal Mission Statement

I teach prevention of dental problems as a mission in life. My seminars have always been part of this program. They cost me a lot of time and money but I do them because I care and I can.

Unfortunately my mission is complicated by the fact that many trusted dentists know little about the tremendous power of Xylitol.

Xylitol can stimulate natural tooth healing for children and adults. Sadly this fact has been “overlooked” possibly because there is no money in it and also maybe because it demands an educational component.

Eating one or two breath mints with Xylitol may taste good but will not change your dental health just like that.

I just keep doing my best to bring the message to people one at a time, and with the least confusion possible!

– Ellie Phillips DDS

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