Why Floss?

Dear Dr. Ellie,

What is the big deal about flossing? My dentist always gets on me about flossing, no matter how much I do it, it hasn’t stopped me from getting cavities and frankly, it is not fun! Is there an alternative?

Frank Mitchell, Pittsford, NY

Dear Frank,

Here is the truth: you can’t rely on flossing. Millions of people including dentists believe that flossing will keep you from getting cavities. Cavities are caused by acids from foods, drinks, gastric acids and acid producing bacteria. You can remove the bacteria with floss, but flossing cannot protect you from the acids that damage teeth. That is why you, and many, many other people who floss still have problems and some people who don’t have perfect teeth!

So you don’t have to floss but you do need to neutralize mouth acids. Use Zellies mints and gums, and use my Clean White Teeth System (Closys II, Brush, Listerine and ACT rinse).

Flossing can be useful to pull out pieces of food lodged between teeth and remove some plaque, but, keeping a clean mouth by using the CWT program will keep your smile healthy!

Best Regards,

Dr. Ellie Phillips

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