Dear Dr. Ellie,

I have been been bushing and using Listerine religiously for years, but I have continued to have problems with cavities. What am I doing wrong?

Matt in Idaho

Dear Matt,

The antiseptic rinse, Listerine, may be hurting your teeth! Listerine is an important part of a health dental routine, however, Listerine is acidic, and acid damages the teeth. Acids are harmful if left on the teeth while you are sleeping. Saliva is nature’s protection from acids, but it dries up when you sleep or breath through your mouth. Acidic Listerine will damage your teeth. The trick is to use the Listerine, but then use a fluoride rinse (such as ACT) after the Listerine rinse. This combination rinsing will clean your teeth and protect and strengthen them as you sleep.

Best wishes for a healthy smile,

Dr. Ellie

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