From the mail bag…

I get mail all the time from people who have used my system and love it. Here are some excerpts from letters I have gotten recently. Dr. Ellie
“……I want to let you know that I have been using the mints, toothbrush, ACT since I’ve been on chemotherapy and I truly believe that is why I haven’t had a change in taste, or dry mouth or sores!”

“……I am in the Air Force and needed something to help protect my teeth but yet do it in a convenient manner as when you are in the field or in a country where it is not possible to see a dentist you need something you can rely on. These (Zellies) really do work! I do not know what I would have done without them…..”

” …….A much belated thank you for your kindness for sharing your amazing products and knowledge about xylitol. We have all been using your products and love them. I need to come to purchase more of the fruit mints and kid’s gum. We truly can’t believe that the word is not out more about this marvelous finding-it truly makes perfect sense and from my own looking aroud on the net has exponetial benefits beyond dental health……”

“…….Got the pre-rinse in the mail yesterday, thank you so much. Boy, I can feel the difference in my mouth with and w/o using it. I was w/o it for a couple of days and brushing alone I find is not enough anymore. Does that mean I am hooked? I think soooooo…”

“…….I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you getting back to me. I have already ordered a number of Zellies and gum products …….I also have been using the listerine rinse and act for a week or so now and my teeth feel great.”

Keep the great comments coming! Dr. Ellie Phillips

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