The CWT System

Dear Dr. Ellie,

How did you come to develop the CWT System?

F T., South Bend, IN

Hi F,

I became a family dentist and I worked with my patients of all ages to help them prevent cavities and avoid dental treatment. But even I hated going to the dentist. I knew that my patients didn’t want to spend anymore time at the dentist tham I did.

The CWT (Clean White Teeth) System was developed, and perfected over many years. I had noticed that the patients that I saw who had healthy gums frequently had worn enamel or broken fillings. Questioning these patients about their dental habits led me to believe that when listerine residue remained on the teeth, it was resposible for the healthy gums but was causing enamel wear and lost fillings!

When my patients also used a fluoride rinse after the listerine, there was no sign of the same problems. Their enamel was smooth and resistant to damage, and their gums remained healthy too.

The addition of Xylitol to the program seemed to enhance the protective effects. This made the program comprehensive and effective, even offering protection to people with dry mouths and special needs.

This system has now been modified to include the use of ClosysII rinse prior to brushing. This addition has added even more strengthening and protective properties to the system. You can find more information about the CWT system, and the products I recommend at, and products can be purchased at

Thank you for your question,

Dr. Ellie Phillips

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