Treatment for soft teeth

Dear Dr. Ellie,

I grind my teeth at night and they are showing a lot of wear. I have been told my teeth are soft. What can be done about this?

– M

Dear ,

Xylitol and Fluoride rinsing will work in harmony to help strengthen your teeth.

Yours is likely an unfortunate combination of factors you probably have mouth dryness and an acidity which provides the perfect conditions for softening and then damaging your teeth. This explains why you may take great care of your teeth, but are experiencing the severe wear and a potential for costly dental treatment in the future!

Tooth damage is first seen as softening of the outside covering of your tooth. The biggest problem with soft tooth enamel is that more tooth damage can occur while you sleep. If you grind your teeth, erosion or wear will show on the biting surfaces.

To control and even reverse the softening of your teeth you must control your mouth’s acidity. You can eat foods that help control mouth acidity, some of these include almonds, milk, bananas, cheese, PH neutral bottled water and Xylitol. Six months of eating Xylitol regularly will “clean” your mouth of harmful bacteria, strengthen your teeth and help you find a new level of dental health.

More information can be found by reading about the CWT Mouth Care System.

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